Founded in 1837, Hermès, the French luxury goods retailer, is known worldwide for its beautifully detailed clothes and exquisitely crafted decorative items. Our vision for the rooftop renovation of the Beverly Hills store strives to embody the Hermès ideals of refined beauty and craftsmanship. Like a stage, the rooftop will be carefully designed to accommodate a range of activities, from gala events, to intimate gatherings, to art exhibitions, to solitary contemplation. Covered with ipe wood, the rooftop will fold up on two sides to become generous bleacher-like benches, from where people can watch the latest fashions being modeled on a small stage. Growing three stories above the ground, billowing grasses and bamboo will serve as a lush backdrop. Small water features offer punctuations of calm while a ten-foot high water wall creates an atmosphere of excitement.

In collaboration with Montes Laudano Architects

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