A renovated mid-century home sits high on a ridge of the Santa Monica mountains with beautiful views of the city and surrounding nature. As much of the property consists of native mountain chaparral, the landscape design brings this native flora into the habitable spaces, creating a seamless connection between the natural and man-made environments. Though a native and climate-appropriate plant palette serves as a constant throughout the design, the landscape flows from being more naturalistic on the hillsides towards more refined and ordered as one approaches the house, with punctuations of ornamental plantings. 

After walking through a grove of Chinese elms and California oak trees, that also serve to delineate parking spaces, guests ascend through natural rock outcroppings to the main house above. This sequential approach forces one to slow down and meditate on the subtle textures and colors of the native plantings, that otherwise often go unnoticed. Oak trees are constructively used to frame city views on the north side, while the south side is left unobstructed to allow the vast natural landscape beyond to flow through the house’s glass curtain walls. An infinity pool draws the eyes out to the vast horizon and landscape beyond.

In collaboration with DesignARC

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